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Planet Eclipse Etha – Great for Intermediate Players

Here is a paintball gun you probably haven’t heard of, as it’s a brand new marker that we are 100% convinced to be the ultimate must-have gun for any serious paintball enthusiast. It goes by the name Planet Eclipse Etha and for the next couple of minutes we are going to be fully exploring all of its awesome features, remarkable specifications, and we shall also talk briefly about the real pros and the cons associated with this particular marker.

No one can dispute the fact that paintball games are truly a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family. People of all ages stand to gain tremendously with respect to their health and wellbeing from simply hunting and shooting each other over the weekend – whether at a park or just in their backyard. No wonder these days that the once obscure and little-known hobby of war games simulations using paintball guns has morphed and transformed into a billion dollar industry.  People simply can’t seem to get enough of the fun and excitement that comes with playing paintball.


Description of the Planet Eclipse Etha

planet eclipse etha

This product is a must-have weapon for beginners who are keen on taking their game to the next level. Its aesthetic and ergonomically styled-design is comparable to very few of the other paintball markers in the same price range.

Its sharp looks that are accentuated by the all-aluminum covering and the glass reinforced Nylon frame, only serve to make it one of the most durable markers available on the marketplace. The fact that it comes super cheap costing in and that it’s also really lightweight makes it stand out tall among its peers.


Specs & Features

  • Electro-Pneumatic Marker
  • .68 Caliber
  • Aluminium Body and Barrel
  • Glass Reinforced Nylon Frame, Feed and Eye Covers
  • Uses CO2 and Nitrogen in its high pressure tanks
  • Uses Autococker
  • 5 inch Barrel
  • Micro Switch Trigger
  • Fires up to 285 FTS



Getting started with the marker is as simple as it gets. Courtesy of the in-depth manual which comes with the gun, basically anyone, regardless of their past experience with using paintball markers, can be able to quickly assemble the gun and get it working as it is supposed to.

What’s more, the Planet Eclipse Etha comes in a one of a kind unique case that makes it resemble the cases used to hold and carry the super sophisticated sniper rifles used by the US military elite.

Not only is this marker durable and resistant to drops, but it’s also an accurate marker with the capability of hitting targets placed well over 150 yards, almost effortlessly.

The gun’s design facilitates easier and quicker customization to suit and match to your unique needs and demands while using it. Another amazing feature of this marker is that it has great handling thanks to the improved trigger design.



While this marker mainly receives positive reviews, some users complain that the marker is noisy and that the default cartridges are way too small and they constantly need replacing. Some consumer reviews also complain that it uses way too much air to dispense a few paintball rounds.

Some people also say that the Planet Eclipse Etha starts to vibrate after some time making it somewhat uncomfortable to use – although we haven’t experienced this ourselves.



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Exploring The Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Aluminum Paintball Marker

If there’s a company that has a rich heritage and history of producing exceptionally well-made paintball markers, then it has to be the Tippmann paintball manufacturing company. For ages now us paintball player have sat by and watched the eye-catching features and innovations they have continued to add to their products over the years. The Tippmann line of markers has made such a powerful impact on the marketplace that they now proudly boast of having more than 5 of their own markers occupying the top 10 list of the best-selling paintball markers of all time.


The sad reality of life is that it has nowadays become a near-impossible endeavor for us to make up our minds on what particular marker we should choose to buy. Reason being that there are now so many amazing quality paintball guns that one could choose from when they visit a top retailing site like Ebay or Amazon.

Yes indeed, it becomes tad bit difficult for one to pick one model over the others since they all come loaded with a huge barrage of impressive features and specifications and most importantly, the paintball markers are all super cheap to buy.
In case you have been experiencing some difficulties when it comes to deciding on the best marker to buy, then this is your wonderful opportunity to learn a trick or two. Learn some tried, tested and proven pointers about how the real pros have been going about it and ending up with markers which are super-durable, affordable and which perform many times better than any standard marker possibly would.

Tippmann A5 Review

To best illustrate this point, we’re simply going to reveal to you what it is that attracted us to the Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber weapon. Follow our lead when deciding on not just this marker, but with any other marker model and you will never go wrong. Here are the top aspects, features and specifications we are always on the lookout for when it comes to optimal results.
This .68 caliber rifle is capable of running on both C02 and HPA (high-pressure air), which is pretty standard for mechanical markers, but still a great feature nonetheless. If you happen to have HPA in your area, it would definitely be worth the investment for an HPA tank if you play paintball often, as it is the much more efficient air supply.
This marker is also very comfortable to handle thanks to the grip and trigger design, and due to the fact that the entire body length measures in at twenty inches (20”). The light weight marker also only weighs in at 3.1 pounds, at least according to the manufacturer.
The best part is that owners are even entitled to a warranty which extends to the limit of 2 years – depending where you buy it of course.

Advice for Woodsball Players

Strategy and tactics alone will not be sufficient when it comes to winning paintball games and scenarios. With time, many paintball guns users get to a stage where they have to be able to trust and rely on their paintball markers to help them win games because without their marker they simply wouldn’t be as effective. On top of that your gun also has to be able to withstand sustained action without faltering in their overall performances.

Our Conclusion

The ability of the Tippmann A-5 to fire at the astonishing rate of up to 15 paintballs per second is quite impressive, to say the least. Not just that but this marker also has what it takes to ensure the paintballs get fired with an equally stunning accuracy level. Its bold looks and overall performance make it an absolute must-have paintball marker for all levels of players worldwide.  And, most importantly to a huge majority of our readers, it happens to be a really affordably priced paintball marker at $229.

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What the Caliber And Air Source Mean In Selection Of An Air Rifle

If you have a passion for shooting and want to pursue it professionally, or even on a regular recreational basis, it is very important that you have the necessary knowledge for it. From the handling of the gun to the actual use of it, from the buying of the gun to the storing of the same, there are many peculiar and specific aspects involved when dealing with guns. The first and the most important thing that one needs to know about is the various types of guns which are present in the market, and which gun, among all the available models, is best suited for their purpose. Therefore, if you only want a gun for the shooting of BBs, then you may want to go in for a simple BB gun, while if you are buying the gun for hunting purposes, then you cannot compromise with anything less powerful than a hunting rifle.


Once this decision has been made, the next step involves the buying of that gun. While picking out an air gun, there are two very important factors which one needs to keep in mind and they are:


  • Caliber of the gun
  • Air Source

Let us try to understand both these features of an air rifle in detail.



caliber and air source

In the case of air rifles, there are basically three different types of calibers which are present.

  • Small caliber – These rifles or pistols basically have a caliber of .177 and are supposed to extremely light and fast. The velocity of these rifles can touch the highest point of 1250 fps. These small caliber air rifles are best suited for those shooters who are looking for rifles for the purposes of target practicing, competitions or small hunting games.


  • Medium Caliber – The .20 caliber guns are considered to be medium caliber rifles and the velocity of medium caliber guns are in the range of 850 fps and 1000 fps. These medium caliber guns are amongst the least popular air rifles. The biggest problem associated with the use of these guns is that it is very difficult to find the pellets and other shooting equipments for this gun.


  • Large Caliber – .22 caliber guns are the largest caliber gun in the air rifle segments. They have the capability to shoot the heaviest pellets present in the markets. The velocities of these guns fall within the range if 650 fps and 1250 fps. Hunters and shooter looking for practice guns, usually opt for these guns.



Air Source


This is a very important consideration which one needs to bear in mind when buying an air gun or rifle. The answer to this problem may seem simple, which is to buy a gun with the largest canister and that too, that canister which has been pre-filled. These canisters or air source can be effective in the initial usage of the gun and can even manage to produce some really high velocities in the first few shots, but as the level of air in the canister decrease, the velocity of the gun will also decrease, thus reducing the power of the gun. You may argue here that when the air level reduces, one should get it refilled and restore the velocity and power of the gun. But the fact is that refilling of these large canisters is not easy. In many cases, one would need compressors and pumps in order to refill the canister.


Another common air source which is used in many air rifles is that of springs. However, the problem with this air source is that it is not able to produce velocities as high as those produced by a canister of compressed air. The pump system is, therefore, considered to be the best source of sir for these guns. It does not involve the hassles associated with canisters and yet it is able to produce velocity levels which are petty higher. No matter which air source you opt for in your gun, it is always a good idea to first test the rifle at varying temperatures and sees the effects of these temperature variations on the pellet velocity and the capacity of the gun to fire multiple rounds. Therefore, in order to truly understand the effectiveness of a gun, one needs to closely observe the rifle cooling and air temperatures and their subsequent effect of velocity if the pellets and the capacity of the gun to fire multiple rounds.


There is no hard and fast rule which states that an air rifle with a particular caliber and a specific air source will be the best gun for all shooters. At the end of the day, both these factors affect the power and velocity of the gun, and therefore, based on your personal requirements for power and velocity, you can pick a gun with the corresponding caliber and air source.

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Tippmann Army Project Salvo – Great Paintball Gun for Beginners

If you thought playing the video game Call of Duty was the most surreal thing ever, think again. Getting to simulate the Call of Duty operations with paintball guns that look like an AR-15 will simply blow you away. The later comes with the added benefits of empowering not just our brains, but also boosting our overall health and fitness as well.

Today we are going to be reviewing one of the most-talked about standard army-issue paintball guns around: The Tippmann Army Project Salvo paintball gun. We are going to explore all the enhancements, improvements, and all of the other really out-of this world innovations that have contributed to making this particular paintball gun remain in a top class of its own when compared to its peers in the market place.


The AR-15 was developed in the period spanning the 1950’s when the US army was undertaking research that would eventually pave the way for the production of a new line of more powerful guns. In the end, the tests undertaken by the US’s armies research group, culminated in the release of a truly powerful and easy to handle weapon. Now the Army has managed to get Tippmann to build a paintball marker that closely resembles the look and feel of the AR-15. This allows the U.S soldiers to become better prepared by practicing their tactics in situations where danger is at least somewhat real.

Custom Tippmann Army Project Salvo

Custom Tippmann Army Project Salvo

The Outstanding Features of The Tippmann Salvo Paint gun

  • The plastic stock can be folded and or collapsed into six different positions
  • The durable exterior made of die cast aluminum
  • It is easy to dismantle and put back together the inside parts
  • It comes with upgradable spare parts and extensions
  • It comes with a semi-automatic open blowback style firing system powered by pressurized carbon dioxide and nitrogen. System facilitates smoother recoils and minimizes the recoil.
  • It’s shroud bears 4 Picatinny rails which make customization and upgrading easier
  • The gun has an eleven inch barrel that is lined with a total of 98 threads
  • It has both detachable and movable front and rear sights
  • It has a quick release feeder elbow
  • The gun comes with a front sling mount
  • A stainless steel braided gas line


Common Enhancements & Upgrades

  • The U.S Army E-Grip and Cyclone enhancements
  • The High Pressure Air regulated tanks
  • Longer flatline barrels
  • Trigger upgrades: The E-triggers, the response triggers and the double triggers
  • The Red Dot Reflex Sight for snipping capabilities

The Merits of the Tippmann Salvo Paintball Marker


This marker has the capacity to fire up to 8 paintball per cycle for an extended duration of time without wavering in consistency and or in its efficiency. It rarely jams and or malfunctions when used in adverse climates and conditions like in the rain, in mud or even in snow.


The marker has a stunning resemblance to the original AR-15 gun and this gives it a look capable of threatening and really intimidating the opponents.

Being lightweight in nature (weights around only 9 pounds) the marker is super comfortable to use

The all die cast aluminum exterior makes it stronger and more resistant to the tear and wear effects that come with repeated usage


The Tippmann Salvo marker retails at an affordable amount of just $150. Many have hailed it as being the best bang for buck deal out there. Most of the crucial accessories are also cheap and readily available on the market place.

The Demerits of a Tippmann Salvo Paintball Marker

The best accuracy can only be achieved in the first 15 15 or so yards when using the default plastic iron sight.

Many-a-times the plastic gasket ring holding up the carbon dioxide or the nitrogen air malfunctions by getting out of its position.

It doesn’t come with the front shoulder strap and this makes it seem heavy and cumbersome to use especially for any extended duration of time.


In Conclusion

The Tippmann Salvo paintball marker gun is without a doubt a world class military simulation weapon comparable to the very few others. Boasting of an endless list of awe-inspiring features and innovations like durability, reliability, affordable and great looks, no wonder it has become the weapon of choice for the experienced paintball marker enthusiasts and the newbies as well. Armed with it, there is no telling to the amounts of fun you and your friends are going to get as you play out your various war Call of Duty learned strategies in the vast outdoors. Try it today and experience a whole new level of awesomeness.

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Evanix Hunting Master AR6 Air Pistol: The Most Powerful Air Pistol in the Market Today

In spite the dangers of owning a gun, there is no denying that it is a weapon that held by most homeowners simply to have a weapon for self-defense because you have to admit, burglars or any dangerous human entity in the neighborhood will always have a high-powered weapon with them.


However, there are those who are just plainly enthusiasts who just like collecting them, while others just want to play with them. The latter though can be very dangerous. Luckily for those who want to try playing with guns, there are those which were designed to not handle bullets, but only pellets.


One of the most recent and one of the most powerful pellet pistol to hit the market is the Evanix Hunting Master AR6 Air Pistol that will surely make your playmates go running to the hills.


The Evanix Hunting Master AR6 Air Pistol has the most power of any air pistol that is being sold in the market because of the manufacturer’s high regard to attention and detail. They made sure that only the highest form in engineering is being put into the construction of the Evanix Hunting Master AR6.


I too have used the Hunting Master AR6, and I can fairly say that its description and the way the company built up its hype is surely justifiable. It is the perfect air gun for any enthusiast especially for those who are fond of hunting.


It is a revolver that fits perfectly in anyone’s hands. Its handle has grooves which were designed to fit the fingers giving the user a firm grip on the air pistol. So, no matter how your roll, duck, aim and shoot while moving, you are assured that it will stay in your hand.


This feature is even highlighted more because of the depth of the grooves. In addition, these grooves also make you feel comfortable handling the gun preventing you from dropping it on the floor.


In addition, the Hunting Master AR6, the most powerful air pistol is a revolver, a good way to take it back to the Wild West, but can accommodate any pellet that is .22 in caliber. Most of all, it does not jam, making the shots smoother, and possibly more powerful than the company measures. So, it’s safe to say that it could be even more powerful than it was initially estimated.


It already has two rotary clips, which allows you to prepare 12 shots in one go – one goes into the gun, while the other will be kept on standby. As long as you can change the clips quick, you will have your opponents on the run.


The barrel of the gun also measures 10 inches with an added 7.3 if you measure the entire length of the gun. It is also fairly light as it weighs 3.05 pounds. So, with such lightness, I was able to shoot as much as I wanted all day without losing the grip of the gun and my accuracy, which is usually affected by the gun’s weight. The heavier the gun, the quicker it is to lose all of these.