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Top Review of the Evanix Hunting Master AR6

Finding a powerful air rifle is no problem nowadays but finding a high powered air pistol is a whole different story. Luckily for you today we are going to show you the most powerful air pistol in the world today and you can think about getting one for yourself. Beware though this bad boy is a little on the expensive side at around $600 but in my opinion is definitely worth it if this is what you are looking for. The air pistol I’m talking about is called the Evanix Hunting Master AR6 and here is my review of it.


Evanix Hunting Master AR6 Review

If you are wondering what’s so special about the Evanix Hunting Master AR6 it’s because it’s the only air pistol on the market today that can effectively be used for hunting rodents and small game. Being able to shoot at a maximum fps of 1000+ makes it extremely lethal and definitely not an airgun that should be handled playfully. Not that any airgun or rifle should be handled playfully but doing so with this powerful piece of equipment can lead to injury extremely easily.

Being able to hunt with an air pistol is definitely a lot more fun in my opinion them with an air rifle. The fact that you can attach a scope on top makes it even better and this is typically my go to airgun when it comes to hunting. If I’m shooting something like a possum though I will go for a more powerful air rifle but for rodents like rats the Hunting Master AR6 just does the job so well.

This air pistol can effectively use any 22 caliber airgun ammo without jamming but using the right type of ammo like a RWS Hobby pellet can definitely increase your fps. Since this model is a six shot revolver it kind of gives me the feeling of being like a cowboy back in the day. I think what really makes the Evanix Hunting Master AR6 worth the high price tag is just the cool factor brings along with it. If you take anything from this review it’s that this airgun is not only the most powerful but also extremely fun to shoot. I’m sure if you do purchase the Hunting Master AR6 you will surely not be disappointed.


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Best Air Rifle of 2015 – Top BB Guns On The Market

Many persons have used a bb gun while growing up, more often than not their parents purchased them a Daisy air rifle one year for Christmas or for their birthday. While that Daisy air rifle might have been fun as a kid, by now you probably want something better that has a little more power. Most people use a bb gun just for fun target practice but you never know when you might need to do some small game hunting. This is where having the best air rifle possible comes in handy. By having a bb gun that shoots 1000 fps+ you will be able to kill any annoying critter that walks on your lawn such as a rat or squirrel. Luckily for you I have tested all the most powerful bb guns with the best air rifle reviews and came down to two that just stand out from the rest.


Best Air Rifle of 2015


Out of all the air rifles I tested throughout the years these two are my absolute favorite. They both are extremely powerful as well as being accurate and just plain fun to shoot. Whether you want a bb gun for just target practice or for hunting rodents you will be good to go with one of these.

Gamo Silent Cat

This particular bb gun is the quietest one I’ve ever used which makes it excellent for hunting rodents because of the fact they wont hear you. The Gamo Silent Cat actually has a non removable noise dampener that reduces noise by up to 52%. This is just unheard of in the world of bb guns and couple that with the 1200+ fps you have an extremely powerful bb gun. With so much power Gamo made sure to include a 4×32 scope to make sure you can accurately hit your target every time, and boy this thing is accurate. I’m able to hit a can with this air rifle at 50 yards every single time without missing, that’s why this is what I consider to be one of the best air rifles on the market today.


Crosman Nitro Venom

This bb gun isn’t quite as fast as the Gamo Silent Cat but man is this rifle accurate. The experts over at Crosman gave the Venom a rifled barrel with fluted muzzle break and also included a rubber recoil pad on the stock for increased aim. The Venom also comes with a CenterPoint 3-9x32mm scope and a quick-lock mounting system to allow you to aim and shoot even quicker. This is perfect for fast rodents that are hard to find through a scope because they move too fast, now you’ll be able to keep up no problem! If you’re left handed then you will be happy to hear that the stock on this air rifle is ambidextrous so you can use this bb gun no problem.


When it comes to getting the best air rifle you really can’t go wrong with one of these. If you really don’t like either of these bb guns then just make sure to read air rifle reviews before making a purchase, it’s always nice to see what other people have to say about a product before you make a purchase. It might just save you a ton of money in the end or the heartache of dealing with a terrible purchase. Hopefully this article helped you out and remember to have fun shooting!

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Reviews of the Best Paintball Guns

Finding the best paintball gun isn’t easy, with so many choices to choose from it can become overwhelming at first. But luckily for you I have compiled a list of reviews of the top 5 paintball markers to make your decision easy. First thing you have to understand is that there are two different playing styles in the world of paintball. You have speedsball which is a fast paced game where you shoot lots of paint really fast and hide behind inflatable bunkers. Then there is also woodsball which just as its sounds is played in the woods. Games are typically long and you usually want a gun with an offset hopper to increase your aim. With speedsball markers you want a hopper that is center fed to make shooting from both sides of the bunker comfortable.


Reviews of the Best Paintball Guns


This list is made up of markers that I use personally and I have used nearly every paintball gun ever made. While I can’t say for sure these are actually the best I know you will not be let down by any of them.


Tippmann A-5

One of my favorite guns of all time is the Tippmann A-5. This gun was designed with the woodsball player in mind and is good for both beginners and professionals. The cool thing about this marker is the cyclone feed which connects the feeder sprocket to the air system to allow you to shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. This hopper requires no batteries and is very reliable compared to most hoppers on the market today. One of the wonderful aspects of Tippmann is how reliable their products are. They can take a beating and get pretty dirty and still work fine. Any electronic marker would break way before a Tippmann would.


Dye Matrix Rail


Now this is my favorite marker of all time, the Dye Matrix Rail is just in a league of its own. Considered to be the ultimate tactical paintball gun and for good reason. This marker can switch from a magazine fed system to a loader fed system with just a click of a button. The Dye Matrix Rail has three easy to change fire modes (semi, three round burst, full auto) and also comes with picatinny rails and an offset hopper. My favorite feature of this marker is the fact that it can shoot both normal and long distance paintballs. This makes the Dye Matrix Rail the only marker with that capability, and in a woodsball or scenario scene is almost a must have for serious players.

best paintball gun

I really don’t have much experience in the speedsball scene but if you are into woodsball then you can’t go wrong with either of these products. If you found another marker that you like just always make sure to read the paintball gun reviews before making a purchase. Hope you enjoyed this article and remember to have fun paintballing!

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Tippmann A-5 Review

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro you might want to look into getting a Tippmann A-5. Tippmann made this gun so it’s affordable for beginner paintball players but customizable enough for even the better players. With the cyclone feed attatched you can shoot as fast as you possibly can and it will keep up. The way to shoot fast with a Tippmann A-5 is to either upgrade or buy stock with a e-grip or response trigger. The way a respone trigger works is by using air to push the trigger back forward quickly which creates like a machine gun type fire. An e-grip is just electronics that will make your marker shoot in either single, three round burst, or full auto.

The best aspect about this marker is its reliability, I’ve seen this paintball gun be run over and still work if that shows you anything. For scenario players you can make this marker look like a realistic gun or you can just upgrade it to be more effective. If you want a cheaper paintball marker you can always go with the Tippmann 98 custom but you wont have the cyclone feed, of course you can upgrade and attach a cyclone feed at a later point if you wish. While this is a great marker make sure to read Tippmann A-5 reviews from other players to see what they have to say before making a final purchase.

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Gamo Silent Cat Review

The Gamo Silent Cat is just what it’s name says silent, well at least close to it. Not only does this air rifle shoot extremely quiet but its also good for both target practice and pest control as well as small game hunting. This popular bb gun comes with a 4×32 scope and has a silencer which muffles noises by 52%. With the right type of ammunition known as PBA this air rifle will shoot at a velocity of 1,200 fps or at a 1,000 fps with 0.177 bb’s. This rifle is made with durable all-weather black synthetic stock so it can take pretty much any weather you put it in and still shoot well. The ventilated rubber pad on the stock also reduces recoil and makes for a very smooth shot.

gamo silent cat review

If you’re thinking about buying this air rifle make sure to read other Gamo Silent Cat reviews to see what people have to say besides myself. This really is one of the top of the line bb guns and will not let you down. You can find this gun at most retailers that carry bb guns because of its popularity so go out and get one today!

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Difference Between Speedsball and Woodsball

In the wonderful game of paintball there are two entirely different play styles you can choose to play. There is speedsball which is a small rectangle field that is covered with inflatable bunkers you can hide behind. Then there is woodsball which is as the name says played in the woods. Both game types are fun but completely different and call for different types of markers and gear to be able to compete with the top players.



While some people like wearing flashy jerseys and shooting tons of paintballs, other people like the slow paced challenging game of woodsball. Not at all woodsball game are played entirely in the woods though, most have a mix of woods and bunkers and forts. This makes the game much more exciting and gives players the chance to avoid the woods if its too dangerous. Sometimes paintball snipers can shut down a whole trail and make the woods nearly unusable. This makes the game of paintball much more realistic like war and gives it that scary feeling like you never know what’s going to happen.


Speedsball is an entirely different game where teams of 5 or 6 compete head to head in a fast paced game. Paintball markers that are used for speedsball must have a center feed hopper so you can shoot from both sides of bunkers comfortably and must also be very fast at shooting. A lot of games come down to who was shooting more paint but don’t let this fool you into thinking this game takes no skill. Professional players make tons of money just from how entertaining it can be to watch a speedsball game take place. Just like with any other sport the top players are leagues above everyone else and should not be taken on by a noobie.


No matter what game play style sounds better to you make sure most importantly to go out and have fun, this is what makes the game of paintball so amazing.