Planet Eclipse Etha – Great for Intermediate Players

Here is a paintball gun you probably haven’t heard of, as it’s a brand new marker that we are 100% convinced to be the ultimate must-have gun for any serious paintball enthusiast. It goes by the name Planet Eclipse Etha and for the next couple of minutes we are going to be fully exploring all […]

Exploring The Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Aluminum Paintball Marker

If there’s a company that has a rich heritage and history of producing exceptionally well-made paintball markers, then it has to be the Tippmann paintball manufacturing company. For ages now us paintball player have sat by and watched the eye-catching features and innovations they have continued to add to their products over the years. The […]

Tippmann Army Project Salvo – Great Paintball Gun for Beginners

If you thought playing the video game Call of Duty was the most surreal thing ever, think again. Getting to simulate the Call of Duty operations with paintball guns that look like an AR-15 will simply blow you away. The later comes with the added benefits of empowering not just our brains, but also boosting […]