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CBD Oil Is All The Rave These Days

extractIf you’re into supplements or alternative therapeutic remedies at all, then you’ve probably heard of cannabidiol (CBD). It’s going to be the next big craze, like avocados in 2012. You can quote me on that. People swear by its effects and become diehards. The supplement has a strong base of cult-like followers which is how it came across our radar here at Gourmands.

Which CBD Oil Is The Best?

To be honest, I haven’t tried enough companies to accurately answer that question. However, I did give a few companies a try. Only one company’s oil worked for me. I only tried three to be fair, so this may not be a reflection of the overall marketplace. I read some third party reviews of several companies, and we found the one on Pure Science Lab to be mostly accurate in hindsight. It seems a little biased like it was written by a fanboy but the oil did work for us.

We tried the 1 g 41% CBD Oral Applicator and could feel the results. It was calming and soothing. Somewhat like kava mixed with an analgesic. I can definitely see what all the buzz is about. This could be a nice change of pace for people who are looking for a natural alternative analgesic. I’m not sure of the limits of application, but for minor things, it seems more than able to get results. I don’t have any major chronic pains or illnesses. My minor aches were soothed nicely though.

Serving Sizes

Figuring out your correct serving or dose is one of the hardest things about taking CBD oil. There is no standard serving. It varies from company to company. To make matters even more confusing, research suggests different doses for different conditions. It makes perfect sense but doesn’t make it any easier to figure out your dose. For each condition, you’ll find a wide range of suggested dosages used in studies. By starting at the lower end of the range you will be able to find your minimum effective dose.

Don’t get too hung up on your dose being really specific. It will also depend on the strength of the oil. Some companies have weaker oil than they advertise, so your dose will fluctuate from company to company, product to product. At one company you make find relief with a 20mg sublingually administered dose, but the same type of product from a different company may require you to take 30mg to get the same effects. This is not a far-fetched example. Companies have been known to fluff up their claims to try and compete with their rivals. The only real way to find your dose is through trial and error.

Recommended Type of Product For Beginners

tinctureFor someone new to CBD, I would suggest trying a CBD tincture. They’re the easiest to use and measure. They’re also on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. With these types of products, the effects should last upwards of 6 hours. With other types of products, you will incur some pains. Finding your dose with capsules is really hard. They take a long time to kick in and are in big increments. The smallest serving I could find for capsules was 15mg. If you dose is 20mg, you’re going to end up taking 30mg to feel the effects. This will result in you wasting a whole serving every two doses. You can split the serving up with a tincture in very small increments.

If you do choose to try CBD oil, do your research first. Make sure you make an educated decision about what you’re putting in your body.