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Evanix Hunting Master AR6 Air Pistol: The Most Powerful Air Pistol in the Market Today

In spite the dangers of owning a gun, there is no denying that it is a weapon that held by most homeowners simply to have a weapon for self-defense because you have to admit, burglars or any dangerous human entity in the neighborhood will always have a high-powered weapon with them.


However, there are those who are just plainly enthusiasts who just like collecting them, while others just want to play with them. The latter though can be very dangerous. Luckily for those who want to try playing with guns, there are those which were designed to not handle bullets, but only pellets.


One of the most recent and one of the most powerful pellet pistol to hit the market is the Evanix Hunting Master AR6 Air Pistol that will surely make your playmates go running to the hills.


The Evanix Hunting Master AR6 Air Pistol has the most power of any air pistol that is being sold in the market because of the manufacturer’s high regard to attention and detail. They made sure that only the highest form in engineering is being put into the construction of the Evanix Hunting Master AR6.


I too have used the Hunting Master AR6, and I can fairly say that its description and the way the company built up its hype is surely justifiable. It is the perfect air gun for any enthusiast especially for those who are fond of hunting.


It is a revolver that fits perfectly in anyone’s hands. Its handle has grooves which were designed to fit the fingers giving the user a firm grip on the air pistol. So, no matter how your roll, duck, aim and shoot while moving, you are assured that it will stay in your hand.


This feature is even highlighted more because of the depth of the grooves. In addition, these grooves also make you feel comfortable handling the gun preventing you from dropping it on the floor.


In addition, the Hunting Master AR6, the most powerful air pistol is a revolver, a good way to take it back to the Wild West, but can accommodate any pellet that is .22 in caliber. Most of all, it does not jam, making the shots smoother, and possibly more powerful than the company measures. So, it’s safe to say that it could be even more powerful than it was initially estimated.


It already has two rotary clips, which allows you to prepare 12 shots in one go – one goes into the gun, while the other will be kept on standby. As long as you can change the clips quick, you will have your opponents on the run.


The barrel of the gun also measures 10 inches with an added 7.3 if you measure the entire length of the gun. It is also fairly light as it weighs 3.05 pounds. So, with such lightness, I was able to shoot as much as I wanted all day without losing the grip of the gun and my accuracy, which is usually affected by the gun’s weight. The heavier the gun, the quicker it is to lose all of these.

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