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Exploring The Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Aluminum Paintball Marker

If there’s a company that has a rich heritage and history of producing exceptionally well-made paintball markers, then it has to be the Tippmann paintball manufacturing company. For ages now us paintball player have sat by and watched the eye-catching features and innovations they have continued to add to their products over the years. The Tippmann line of markers has made such a powerful impact on the marketplace that they now proudly boast of having more than 5 of their own markers occupying the top 10 list of the best-selling paintball markers of all time.

The sad reality of life is that it has nowadays become a near-impossible endeavor for us to make up our minds on what particular marker we should choose to buy. Reason being that there are now so many amazing quality paintball guns that one could choose from when they visit a top retailing site like Ebay or Amazon.

Yes indeed, it becomes tad bit difficult for one to pick one model over the others since they all come loaded with a huge barrage of impressive features and specifications and most importantly, the paintball markers are all super cheap to buy.
In case you have been experiencing some difficulties when it comes to deciding on the best marker to buy, then this is your wonderful opportunity to learn a trick or two. Learn some tried, tested and proven pointers about how the real pros have been going about it and ending up with markers which are super-durable, affordable and which perform many times better than any standard marker possibly would.

Tippmann A5 Review

To best illustrate this point, we’re simply going to reveal to you what it is that attracted us to the Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber weapon. Follow our lead when deciding on not just this marker, but with any other marker model and you will never go wrong. Here are the top aspects, features and specifications we are always on the lookout for when it comes to optimal results.
This .68 caliber rifle is capable of running on both C02 and HPA (high-pressure air), which is pretty standard for mechanical markers, but still a great feature nonetheless. If you happen to have HPA in your area, it would definitely be worth the investment for an HPA tank if you play paintball often, as it is the much more efficient air supply.
This marker is also very comfortable to handle thanks to the grip and trigger design, and due to the fact that the entire body length measures in at twenty inches (20”). The light weight marker also only weighs in at 3.1 pounds, at least according to the manufacturer.
The best part is that owners are even entitled to a warranty which extends to the limit of 2 years – depending where you buy it of course.

Advice for Woodsball Players

Strategy and tactics alone will not be sufficient when it comes to winning paintball games and scenarios. With time, many paintball guns users get to a stage where they have to be able to trust and rely on their paintball markers to help them win games because without their marker they simply wouldn’t be as effective. On top of that your gun also has to be able to withstand sustained action without faltering in their overall performances.

Our Conclusion

The ability of the Tippmann A-5 to fire at the astonishing rate of up to 15 paintballs per second is quite impressive, to say the least. Not just that but this marker also has what it takes to ensure the paintballs get fired with an equally stunning accuracy level. Its bold looks and overall performance make it an absolute must-have paintball marker for all levels of players worldwide. And, most importantly to a huge majority of our readers, it happens to be a really affordably priced paintball marker at $229.