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Gummy Bear Heaven

Gummy bears were the first mass produced gummy candy and were made in 1921 by Hans Riegel, proprietor of Haribo (German candy company). A lot of us are astonished to learn that because our grandparents and parents never talked in much detail about it. That’s because gummy candies didn’t attain mass popularity in the US before the early 80s. Back in 1982, Haribo made its debut in the US and the rest is candy history.

Rival Italian candy manufacturer Trolli made their first gummy bear treat in 1981. Since then, the bear has become the most famous form of gummies worldwide. Gummy bears have the distinction of becoming one of just a few kinds of candies which spawned a TV series. The show was initially called the Dancing Bear and finally became Gold-Bears.

Old School Gummies

The original bears were yellowish, orange, lemon, clear, green, cherry, and raspberry. Through the years, various manufacturers have generated variants, such as cherry-orange, lime green, and clear apple cider. More health-conscious brands utilize various flavors like cherry, avocado, and also pineapple-coconut. Bears and worms are now united by frogs, dolphins, penguins, and a number of different creatures, food shapes, and even soldiers. When you look hard, you may even locate a gummy spider or even Smurf.

Conventional Bears are produced from sugar, starch syrup, food coloring, uric acid, gelatin, as well as flavoring. Most variations on this recipe today exist such as strawberry, vegetarian, natural, and religious-friendly concoctions. The hot liquid is poured into a mold that’s open at the top and permitted to set overnight. An artist generally designs the initial mold for every shape with plaster. A machine reproduces this, making starch molds which hold countless yummy treats.

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