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Planet Eclipse Etha – Great for Intermediate Players

Here is a paintball gun you probably haven’t heard of, as it’s a brand new marker that we are 100% convinced to be the ultimate must-have gun for any serious paintball enthusiast. It goes by the name Planet Eclipse Etha and for the next couple of minutes we are going to be fully exploring all of its awesome features, remarkable specifications, and we shall also talk briefly about the real pros and the cons associated with this particular marker.

No one can dispute the fact that paintball games are truly a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family. People of all ages stand to gain tremendously with respect to their health and wellbeing from simply hunting and shooting each other over the weekend – whether at a park or just in their backyard. No wonder these days that the once obscure and little-known hobby of war games simulations using paintball guns has morphed and transformed into a billion dollar industry. People simply can’t seem to get enough of the fun and excitement that comes with playing paintball.

Description of the Planet Eclipse Etha

planet eclipse etha

This product is a must-have weapon for beginners who are keen on taking their game to the next level. Its aesthetic and ergonomically styled-design is comparable to very few of the other paintball markers in the same price range.

Its sharp looks that are accentuated by the all-aluminum covering and the glass reinforced Nylon frame, only serve to make it one of the most durable markers available on the marketplace. The fact that it comes super cheap costing in and that it’s also really lightweight makes it stand out tall among its peers.

Specs & Features

  • Electro-Pneumatic Marker
  • .68 Caliber
  • Aluminium Body and Barrel
  • Glass Reinforced Nylon Frame, Feed and Eye Covers
  • Uses CO2 and Nitrogen in its high pressure tanks
  • Uses Autococker
  • 5 inch Barrel
  • Micro Switch Trigger
  • Fires up to 285 FTS


Getting started with the marker is as simple as it gets. Courtesy of the in-depth manual which comes with the gun, basically anyone, regardless of their past experience with using paintball markers, can be able to quickly assemble the gun and get it working as it is supposed to.

What’s more, the Planet Eclipse Etha comes in a one of a kind unique case that makes it resemble the cases used to hold and carry the super sophisticated sniper rifles used by the US military elite.

Not only is this marker durable and resistant to drops, but it’s also an accurate marker with the capability of hitting targets placed well over 150 yards, almost effortlessly.

The gun’s design facilitates easier and quicker customization to suit and match to your unique needs and demands while using it. Another amazing feature of this marker is that it has great handling thanks to the improved trigger design.


While this marker mainly receives positive reviews, some users complain that the marker is noisy and that the default cartridges are way too small and they constantly need replacing. Some consumer reviews also complain that it uses way too much air to dispense a few paintball rounds.

Some people also say that the Planet Eclipse Etha starts to vibrate after some time making it somewhat uncomfortable to use – although we haven’t experienced this ourselves.