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Tippmann Army Project Salvo – Great Paintball Gun for Beginners

If you thought playing the video game Call of Duty was the most surreal thing ever, think again. Getting to simulate the Call of Duty operations with paintball guns that look like an AR-15 will simply blow you away. The later comes with the added benefits of empowering not just our brains, but also boosting our overall health and fitness as well.

Today we are going to be reviewing one of the most-talked about standard army-issue paintball guns around: The Tippmann Army Project Salvo paintball gun. We are going to explore all the enhancements, improvements, and all of the other really out-of this world innovations that have contributed to making this particular paintball gun remain in a top class of its own when compared to its peers in the market place.


The AR-15 was developed in the period spanning the 1950’s when the US army was undertaking research that would eventually pave the way for the production of a new line of more powerful guns. In the end, the tests undertaken by the US’s armies research group, culminated in the release of a truly powerful and easy to handle weapon. Now the Army has managed to get Tippmann to build a paintball marker that closely resembles the look and feel of the AR-15. This allows the U.S soldiers to become better prepared by practicing their tactics in situations where danger is at least somewhat real.

Custom Tippmann Army Project Salvo

The Outstanding Features of The Tippmann Salvo Paint Gun

  • The plastic stock can be folded and or collapsed into six different positions
  • The durable exterior made of die cast aluminum
  • It is easy to dismantle and put back together the inside parts
  • It comes with upgradable spare parts and extensions
  • It comes with a semi-automatic open blowback style firing system powered by pressurized carbon dioxide and nitrogen. System facilitates smoother recoils and minimizes the recoil.
  • It’s shroud bears 4 Picatinny rails which make customization and upgrading easier
  • The gun has an eleven inch barrel that is lined with a total of 98 threads
  • It has both detachable and movable front and rear sights
  • It has a quick release feeder elbow
  • The gun comes with a front sling mount
  • A stainless steel braided gas line

Common Enhancements & Upgrades

  • The U.S Army E-Grip and Cyclone enhancements
  • The High Pressure Air regulated tanks
  • Longer flatline barrels
  • Trigger upgrades: The E-triggers, the response triggers and the double triggers
  • The Red Dot Reflex Sight for snipping capabilities

The Merits of the Tippmann Salvo Paintball Marker


This marker has the capacity to fire up to 8 paintball per cycle for an extended duration of time without wavering in consistency and or in its efficiency. It rarely jams and or malfunctions when used in adverse climates and conditions like in the rain, in mud or even in snow.


The marker has a stunning resemblance to the original AR-15 gun and this gives it a look capable of threatening and really intimidating the opponents. Being lightweight in nature (weights around only 9 pounds) the marker is super comfortable to use. The all die cast aluminum exterior makes it stronger and more resistant to the tear and wear effects that come with repeated usage.


The Tippmann Salvo marker retails at an affordable amount of just $150. Many have hailed it as being the best bang for buck deal out there. Most of the crucial accessories are also cheap and readily available on the market place.

The Demerits of a Tippmann Salvo Paintball Marker

The best accuracy can only be achieved in the first 15 or so yards when using the default plastic iron sight. Many-a-times the plastic gasket ring holding up the carbon dioxide or the nitrogen air malfunctions by getting out of its position. It doesn’t come with the front shoulder strap and this makes it seem heavy and cumbersome to use especially for any extended duration of time.

In Conclusion

The Tippmann Salvo paintball marker gun is without a doubt a world class military simulation weapon comparable to the very few others. Boasting of an endless list of awe-inspiring features and innovations like durability, reliability, affordable and great looks, no wonder it has become the weapon of choice for the experienced paintball marker enthusiasts and the newbies as well. Armed with it, there is no telling to the amounts of fun you and your friends are going to get as you play out your various war Call of Duty learned strategies in the vast outdoors. Try it today and experience a whole new level of awesomeness.